What's in a Name?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Names can have a huge impact on people of all ages. Children use made up names to show affection or cruel names meant to belittle. Adults and children both give names to their favorite objects; cars, musical instruments, stuffed animals, a commonly used tool at work.

The names we use can affect the way we and other people see the things named. Names from famous people come to have different connotations and give people different feelings. Obama, Trump, Jesus, Hitler, Caesar, Hillary, Rihanna, Kanye, Lecrae, Mozart, Beethoven. That list took you on a roller coaster of emotions from the highest to the lowest and around the bend.

All names start somewhere and end up somewhere else, through translations, actions or change in function. Would you judge someone solely on their name?

You said no, didn't you?

But you have and you will again. Everyone has. We make assumptions about people based on their names. Jose, John, Mohammed, Rachel, Emily, Jael. Each of those names made you think of some trait, some past experience, or make a judge of ethnicity.

Not all assumptions are hurtful. Just keep your eyes open for the little things in life, they matter too.

Names can show History or Heritage. My name shows both my heritage and my future.

My name is Nadya Bethany Ferguson.

It's a rather unique name that often leads to mispronunciation.

What's a Nadya?

Nadya [pronounced Nod-jah] is the Russian word Надя which is short for Nadyezhda (Надежда).

What's a Bethany?

Bethany is the Hebrew word בת'אני which translates as worshiper of God, or house of figs/dates, or house of misery, or house of knowledge depending on who you ask. My mom always told me it was Worshiper of God and that is why my parents choose it.

What's a Ferguson?

Ferguson is Scottish for Son of Fergus. This one is pretty straight forward....

What's that mean to you?

I really like alliteration such as "Hope's Happenings" of "Bethany's Blooms" and knowing the etymology helps you understand the meaning of the alterations.

What's that mean to me?

My job as a person here on earth is to share hope with the people I meet whether that be through a smile, encouraging words, some helpful information or a more personal message. That's what I'm here for.

Your turn!

What does your name mean? Does it relate to the purpose you have found in life or does it have a family history?

Comment below!

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