Vengeance of Hope

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This book is amazingly detailed and content heavy. P.J. Berman creates multiple countries each with rich religious and political backgrounds. The physical book even has maps exploring the world of Bennvika.

The princess Silrith is framed for the death of her father the king and banished from her home. The usurper who takes her place is her cousin Jostan. He raises an army to squish religious freedoms and cultural differences but when he discovers Silrith has survived her exile long enough to grow a small rebellion he turns his attention to her.

Ezrina of the Hentani tribe gets caught up in the crossfire as she searches for the place that will allow her cultural and religious freedom but does not want to give up her native lands.

Zethun is a young politician hoping to get rid of the Kingdom of Bennvika and replace it with the Republic of Beenvika so that nobles are no longer allowed to tax people to death and the people have a voice in their own government.

This book has multiple POV which makes the audiobook version...terrible. It is almost impossible to tell who's POV it has switched to until several lines in. The spacing of the narrator makes it hard to distinguish character thoughts and general narration. In short the book is just too detailed to be a good audiobook with only one narrator. If there was a map that came with the audiobook version and the POV's each had their own narrator it would have been a full experience rather than a struggle to listen.

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