Tyffany stop stabbing my heart!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Also known as a book review for Tellus by Tyffany Hackett

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Tellus was nothing that I expected and yet everything I hoped it would be. I binged the two back to back in one weekend and now I wish I'd taken it a little slower just so I can be back with them searching for truths and learning about the world rather than waiting in agony to find out what happened to my dear friends.

The character growth and depth of the whole crew was really amazing. Usually when I read a book about "kids my age" (18-25) writers just make hormone-driven high schoolers into older people or shove old people into younger bodies. Tyffany built characters that show the youthfulness of their age with the rationality their situation and positions in life call for. No empty airheads here. Well except maybe Lucian but he doesn't really deserve to have a head in my opinion, but that may be a bit harsh...unless my suspicion about the ending of the book is true.

Meryn!!! Poor Meryn with her character development being so overwhelmingly plot-twisting.

My heart might always be snapped in two from the three boys in their different kinds of love for Natylia and the faith they put in her ability to restore her queendom.

Tellus does have a bit of a cliff-hanger but at least Natiyla and Camion weren't literally hanging off a cliff as a dear Uncle Rick did to my poor Percabeth.

Waiting a year to read the conclusion will most likely lead to many theories and rereads and at this point maybe Sherlock levels of corkboard string maps.

Some books are worth reading twice. Others are worth memorizing and quoting. This one is worth losing my heart again and again.

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