Their Greatest Game

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This is book two of The Chronicles of Theren. SPOILERS FOR BOOK ONE

Theren is the world’s first Synthetic Intelligence (SI) who during book one helped create the next SI and their partners Jill and Wobbly. From there they create thousands of SI’s who help humans on their journey through life and space.

Theren is the Director of the International Space Agency. The ISA is working towards leaving planet Earth behind and establishing colonies elsewhere. Jill’s focus is more ground level with the acceptance of SI’s as equal beings on a political and social level.

Book One was mostly philosophical and got a bit tiresome at some points but Book two really shows the author’s pacing and ability to balance deep philosophical meaning into action-packed events that change the course literally and figuratively of history.

Since Theren is a digital and mechanical creature they do not age the same way mortal humans do so this book spans hundreds of years and we watch generations of brilliant scientists come and go with age. As we watch the makings of history sprawl out around Theren some amazing and awful things happen in the world and in their life.

The ending hints at a great puzzle to be solved in book three that when you finish book two I’m sure you’ll be just as eager as me for Theren to solve.

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