Sphere of Infinity

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

So what if Aladdin was a girl and she lived in Space? Not enough uniqueness for you? What if the Genie was alien-technology and there were dragons in need of rescuing?

The Sphere of Infinity is just that! A gender-bent space novella of Aladdin.

Our girl Alana is a professional thief trying to provide for herself and her mother. She gets hired to steal a golden orb off of a mysterious broken down alien ship hovering just outside her planet's atmosphere. The princess Jasmine is Jasper the son of a major government official working a side project to find the dragons supposedly hidden just outside of town.

There was minimal backstory and world-building, but that is typical of a Novella. The ending left me wanting more of their story. Alana is hilarious and snarky which are two of my favorite qualities in a protagonist. The antagonist was quite unexpected and a lot darker than in the well-known Disney version of the story. I feel like this would've done better as a full-length novel allowing for more culture and character building.

I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did well to show the emotions of Alana through her voice. However, there were several mistakes that were left into the final cut which can sometimes break the flow of the story.

Recommended for anyone else who wants to join me on a Fairytale retelling binge😆.

I added a new tag to my book reviews so you can specifically look for Fairytales!

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