Reverie by Ryan La Sala

It has been so long since a book actually, truly surprised me. Books have had interesting twists and turns but most of the time between foreshadowing and predictability I’m not truly surprised. This was “on the edge of my seat” level of intrigue. I could not put it down.

The police want to know why Kane Montgomery has damaged his city's most important landmark. Problem is, Kane doesn’t remember. He doesn’t remember his actions, his friends, or even where he has been for the last few weeks.

The true definition of an “unreliable narrator” as everything Kane believes to be true about his life, is turned inside out. As he finds the missing pieces of his life the puzzle grows far beyond this world...and the next.

The prose of the story is breathtaking and oh so quotable.

““If you look at most female archetypes—the mother, the virgin, the whore—their power comes from their relation to men. But not the Witch. The Witch derives her power from nature. She calls forth her dreams with spells and incantations. With poetry. And I think that’s why we are frightened of them. What’s scarier to the world of men than a woman limited only by her imagination?”

A few times I had to stop the book just to think about how profound and relatable the content was. The underlying romance of love forgotten was so heartbreaking. To have the one you love forget everything about you is so unimaginable.

“It was not just sadness he felt, but homesickness. He was homesick for a place he could no longer visit, for a home that was no longer his.”

This is a standalone debut book but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this upcoming author, Ryan La Sala.

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