Realm of Beasts

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I wanted to love this book. The cover art is gorgeous. The idea of a man with no name but with a humongous destiny. An enchantress dedicating herself to creating a spell of protection over herself and her magical beasts. A great protector over a peaceful land guiding the two together into saving the world. I went into this book expecting glorious creatures and a D&D adventure feel. This is book one in a six-part series.

The creatures when described were really cool but they didn’t really come into play beyond dialogue with the Enchantress Citrine until the climax and the ending. To be fair the creatures were in hiding from the evil that The Nameless One and Citrine were trying to stop.

The writing style made me extremely uncomfortable. I’m okay with mentioning sexual things, for goodness sake I’ve read ACOTAR, but there is a line of objectification and at many points, the author crosses it. I actually stopped the audiobook to double-check that the author was a woman because if it had been a man describing a woman that way I would have DNF’d it right then and there. Since it was a woman I gave it the benefit of doubt of it just being one character's perspective but as the story went on it was obvious it was just her writing style. There were no actual sex scenes in the book but the characters regularly compare them to past “copulations” even when no sexual advances or even flirting has happened. It felt like I was listening to 13-year-old boys playing D&D before they had even seen a woman.

She is extremely descriptive of every little detail but for me, it was too many adjectives that made it feel like someone was describing a movie scene by scene rather than pulling me under into the story. I didn’t feel anything for the characters.

I stopped to read other people's Goodreads reviews to decide if I should finish the book and so many of the reviews were glowing and supportive that I pushed through it but I will not be reading the sequels.

If you are interested in giving this book a chance I do recommend reading the other GoodReads reviews to get encouragement on how this book would be a better fit for you than it was for me.

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