Perfection and Other Illusive Things

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

What if one day you woke up and everything you hated about your appearance was gone? What would you do if you were suddenly perfect?

Eden’s life is already perfect; she’s co-captain of the volleyball team, on track for salutatorian, has great college aspirations, three friends who have always been there for her...what more could she want? Even though she knows she’s beautiful she doesn’t feel like it and her life feels like it’s missing some things. Her crush Hawk is a poet for the school paper and gives his lyrics to his best friend local “rockstar” Ivy. Despite the advice of her friends Eden decides to go after him anyway, with the unmistakable line every perfectionist knows a little too well “I am already good for me. I need someone who won’t be good for me.” As Eden tries to find what it means to truly be herself, her perfect world crumbles.

Sometimes a girl just needs a good chick-flick as a pick me up for their self-esteem or a reminder of why love matters. This book will now be my version of a pick me up chick-flick. On the surface, it can seem a bit shallow with it being centered so much on physical beauty and romance but that is the irony of any good chick-flick. Those who only look at the surface will never discover the true diamond underneath.

Full of romantic poetry, “I decided he was carved with ocean salt and harsh storms. There were so many contradictions beneath his surface already, deep valleys I wanted to discover.”, and plenty of high school drama. If one forgets to look at the deeper meanings it can feel a bit cringy. Looking beyond the drama one sees a story of learning to love yourself and to not judge others on how they appear at a glance. If you’re willing to look at the good things of someone else you need to stop and appreciate the good things about yourself too.

As I read I was wondering how J. Mercer had managed to find my high school diary and paint all my insecurities into her book. I wish I had come to the conclusion of self-love during high school like Eden eventually decides.

This is a book I will definitely reread.

It releases on July 7th but pre-orders are available now!

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