My Bookish OTPs

It's Valentine's Day and romance is in the air! Some of my favorite books have romance subplots that have literally made me cry over their ups and downs. Here's a few of my One True Pairings that help me believe in True Love.

Warning these OTPs can cause potential spoilers for:

Percy Jackson

Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter series (all)


My Ultimate OTP is Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Son of Poseidon and Daughter of Athena.

Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl.

They literally went to Tartarus and back for each other. I ship them so much that one of the reasons I was interested in my now husband is his last name (Jackson).

I always felt like I related to Annabeth, the smart know-it-all who never quite fit in with her peer group. Although I handle spiders in a much calmer manner than she does.

I grew up alongside Percy and Annabeth. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief was released in 2005. I received the box set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians for my 10th birthday in 2009. Just in time for the movie release in 2010. (cue heartbreak over the PJO movies) Percy and Annabeth were like my older siblings, saving the world and modeling heroism and heart break.

If they do open casting for the Disney+ adaptations it is my dream to be cast as either Bianca D'Angelo or Thalia Grace. However if they cast them true to age I'll be too old :'( Maybe I could play Athena instead...

Next on my OTP highlight list is Will and Tessa....and Jem and Tessa.

I'm so happy with how Cassandra Clare sorted it out for Tessa. She gets a beautiful full life with Will and a century later she gets another with Jem. They all deserved to be happy and loved.

I know it's controversial but Magnus and Alec's love story is so beautiful. The sacrifices they make for each other and the character growth they both go through. I'm hoping Cassandra Clare will give a few short stories if not an entire novel to the events after The Queen of Air and Darkness and the beautiful family of four.

Of course a YA/NA OTP list couldn't be complete without Feyre and Rhysand. Their are some elements of their story that seems very unhealthy and I would have appreciated more "on-screen" relationship growth to go with the character growth but the books are already massive so somethings just have to be inferred.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who are your OTPs? Drop a comment below so we can share the love this Valentines.

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