Luminous: Dragon's Creed

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Luminous (Dragon's Creed #1) by Katie French and Ingrid Seymour

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

A world of Dragon's right on the coast hidden from view.

Lila's classmates vanish from a party on the beach and no one believes her that it isn't just a prank. When one comes up dead, and she finds the body, the blame starts to shift onto her.

She takes it upon herself to find her best friend and the rest of her classmates before it's too late for anyone...including her father.

Beautiful descriptions of a rural town and coastal scenery with a diverse cast of magical and mundane people.

The dragon-shifter dialogue with Lila seems a bit stiff for most of the book but by the end, connections are made and the three boys would be willing to do anything for her. I'm sure the sequels will test those connections and the stiffness will go away as they write in the understanding that develops.

With their help, Lila finds the killer, secrets to her past, and adventures for the future.

A compelling story with plenty of surprises and character development. A hint of romance that doesn't overshadow the plot and a strong lead female who gets things done with or without the help of the boys.

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