I just wanted some hotdogs

I feel like we are living in the opening of a dystopian novel.

January 1st. First day of married life

January 2nd. My mom calls to tell me of the death of a family friend.

January 10th. Husband starts new job.

January 14th. Husband totals car.

January 18th. Husband loses job

January 31st. One of my Husband’s close friends dies.

February 15th. Husband gets new jobs

March 11th. Friend who was in a car accident moves in until he can get back on his feet.

March 15th. We go to five stores in search of finishing our grocery list.

March 17th. My Physical Therapist says I'm not high risk enough to come into the office until Covid-19 is cleared up...

In the last year I have literally moved across the country, started a new career, and gotten married. I’ve adopted two rescue kittens and a temporary “rescue” roommate.

I literally lost the use of my hands for several months and wasted thousands of dollars trying to find out why. I cried when I was able to feel the fur of my kitten against the palm of my hand for the first time. I cried when I managed to make a bowl of cereal without any help. I had to relearn how to wash my hair and tie my shoes.

Throw in months of slowly bleeding to death with an allergic reaction to a birth control that my insurance wouldn’t pay to fix.

Panic attacks that left me hyperventilating in the cereal aisle of a Walmart or pulling off the highway to breath to finish my drive to work.

And now after fighting so hard to keep my job, my home, my life.

I can’t buy groceries not because I can’t afford them. Not because I can’t physically lift them.

But because somewhere out there someone decided that some people getting sick meant that they should buy every piece of chicken and every hotdog and every roll of toilet paper in the state.

I buy one 10lb bag of chicken every 3 weeks. It is always there and now my first world problem isn’t that there isn’t vegan ice cream or fresh strawberries; it’s no basic necessities.

It isn’t poor planning on my part. It’s poor actions from others that muddled my careful budgeting and dieting into how many cans of tuna do I need to feed 3 people for the week.

I know I typically write book review but I felt like this needed to be written and well it's my blog and the world is in chaos so why not write something about it.

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