Sometimes I miss the mountains

for all worries feel insignificant

all efforts insufficient

at the peak

in the breeze

Sometimes I miss the forests

where the trees stand watch

the air is crisp and clean

birds singing melodies

that they've sung for centuries

Sometimes I miss the stars

the wonder

the awe

Of a sky so vast

Of a universe so untainted

I love the city

bustling with purpose

I love the city

brimming with potential and ambition

I grieve the city

for its foggy air

for its dull stares of humdrum life

I mourn in a world where one must

hide in the beauty

or fight in the created

A city built on dreams

torn apart by fear

A city built on hope

devastated by depression

A city built for more

fighting within itself

I cannot hide on my mountains

nor tarry in my forests

My city calls

"Do not abandon me"

"We still have songs worth writing"

"Stories worth telling"

"Dreams worth living"

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