Escaping Monsters

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Before you go any further this book is NSFW or Rated M for Mature.

Teagan was head over heels in love and so of course she says yes when her handsome boyfriend proposes. They decide to go on a camping trip for their honeymoon and when Teagan hears something go bump in the night her whole world is shattered. Her husband Kane is a fraud, hired to seduce her and sell her off to the real Kane, Pack leader of North America.

Once turned into a werewolf she finds out that she is an omega completely submissive to any order given to her by another werewolf. After years of abuse, she finally finds a way to escape and ends up in the town of Grayhaven. A magically protected town with a werewolf pack of its own. Terrified on being handed back to her husband Teagan has to learn to trust that not all werewolves are abusive, and she might come to love some...or all of these men.

So this is a reverse harem paranormal romance and I have a list of things I loved and a few quirks that I hope are fixed for book 2.

  1. A weird mysterious magic town full of secrets….keep it coming

  2. Women escaping their abusers to find true love….don’t mind if I do

  3. Hot Firefighter werewolves….yes, please!

However, if you’re looking for a strong female heroine who saves herself this is absolutely not for you. She is completely submissive and I would like to know why she doesn’t just wear earplugs so she can’t hear the commands the magic forces her to do. (Think Ella Enchanted level of forced commands) On the other hand, it is a more realistic picture of what happens to your ability to trust yourself and your own judgment after years of abuse because if you were so strong to start with you wouldn’t have been trapped in the first place. I’m hoping as the series continues she will grow in her confidence and heal from her traumas.

I really liked the slow-burn of the romance and the pack actually needing time to convince her to trust them. There are definitely some 18+ scenes and trigger warnings for hints at rape and abuse.

Have you read this book? Drop a comment below with what you thought!

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