Did You Know

Did You Know

Did you know

It’s a 13-meter descent

Into my brain

And there are no ropes or footholds

I find myself



Stuck in the well


Did you know

My heart is 5 pounds and 27 inches around

It’s so big and heavy in my chest

All of the time

I find myself



Overloaded with the weight


Did you know

The distance between who I was and who I am is not as much as the distance between who I am and who I want to be

But yesterday I still walked

27 miles closer to myself

I find myself



Hitchhiking through my growth


Did you know

That we are made of stars

The universe made us

And there is another universe within us

I find myself



Learning every planet and constellation


Monica Mercer's art and poems can be found @monimo_music and @monimo_art on Instagram and she records music on YouTube.

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