Descendants Academy

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

What if after years of being the perfect daughter and idolizing your sister you finally snap and attempt to kill your sister with a pair of scissors? Then you find out it isn’t because you’re crazy; You’re cursed! When you were born you were cursed with bloodlust to kill your sister and her you. So your dad sends you away to Arcadia, a magical island with a school meant for people like you. This is Sheridan's story. Even though she is a descendant of Ares the Fates decide she needs to be in House Aphrodite to balance out her rage by finding love for herself and others.

This slow-burn romance has so many twists and turns it’ll keep you on your toes for sure. It is so detailed and well-plotted that you feel for and with the characters. For those of you missing the feelings Lore Olympus gives you or the detail and intense plotting from Percy Jackson, Belle Malory is the author for you.

Book two comes out this September with Book three already titled but no release date yet. I’m not sure if I’ll read the sequels when they come out because I can’t handle second-hand embarrassment that the second book is sure to bring. I might wait till the series is finished to binge it all or at least until my own mental state is a bit more stable.

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