Demigods Academy - Year 2

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


I'm a huge sucker for Academy books especially ones about Greek mythology. I had been waiting for this to come out as an audiobook since I finished book one.

Melany had just been chosen by Hades to go train in the underworld leaving her beau Lucien and all her friends at the academy. Since discovering the death of her adoptive family Melany has been aching for answers but being locked away in the underworld makes her feel trapped. She is unfamiliar with the myth of Persephone which becomes more and more clear through the book.

I was so excited to see how they portrayed Hades and Persephone as they are my favorite part of Greek mythology and I'm devastated. I love versions of Hades where he isn't as awful as everyone makes him seem (Lore Olympus anybody!?) but their version makes him a total creep. Persophone is MIA and everyone is being very secretive about what has happened to her. Did she run away? Has she been kidnapped? Did she die??? As a goddess, she can't really die, and even if she did wouldn't she just go to the underworld? Maybe she has been banished to Tartarus for a crime?

Melany trains with the Harpies and seems to lose her moral compass along the way. Whenever she joins with the academy for a few training exercises she can't seem to work as a team and regularly loses her temper in bloodlust rages. I'm 100% in favor of the protagonist slowly becoming evil over the course of the story but I'm not sure that's where they are trying to go.

Even though their Hades isn't my speed the other depictions of the gods are GREAT!!

Laid-back Demeter (who must know where her daughter is????), Ares and Aphrodite colluding together for evil schemes, ignorant but bossy Zeus, Helpful Hephaestus.

The feels of the gang growing closer together while Melany is so lonely hurts my heart. I'm really excited to know what it is that Ares and Aphrodite are planning and if they are actually working under the orders of someone else.

The ending left on a cliff hanger monster attack and I'd really like to know how they deal with the grief and devastation that comes after but I'm also really scared that Lucian and Melany won't be a thing, or that Hades will be even worse than he has been so far.

I'm so conflicted and the best solution: Onwards to Book 3!!!!

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