Crown of Beauty

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This is Book 2 of the Cliff Walk Courtships by Cecily Wolfe. A Historical Fiction Christian Romance set in 1893; Newport, Rhode Island.

Mild Spoilers for Book One

Book One followed Arthur and Josie as they fell in love with each other and God. Book Two follows Arthur's sister Catherine as she struggles with what it means to be such a privileged young lady and how God could allow Josie to get so sick in her pregnancy. The Davenports have arranged a marriage for Catherine but as she objects to it her father sends her to volunteer at First Steps.

Will runs away from home and winds up unconscious in a bed at First Steps where he feigns memory loss and attempts to make a new start. The Davenports try to help him back on his feet but Arthur is suspicious he is not telling the full truth and asks him to stay away from Catherine so he cannot break her heart.

This book made me cry as Catherine asked Arthur a question that so often haunts me. Why do we keep praying when Josie just keeps getting sicker? As someone of faith who has been struggling disabilities and illness for half her life and fears that any attempt at pregnancy would be a similar fight that Josie had it meant a lot that the author didn't just have her healed miraculously but allowed them to work through the pain and struggle together.

I really liked the story but I felt like Catherine and Will rushed into calling what they have "love" a little too quickly. They barely know anything about each other by the end of the book, so I'm hoping book three gives a few glimpses of them getting to know each other better rather than jumping them straight into marriage. Book three will follow the other sister Sarah. It is already out in print but not yet on audio where I have been listening to these.

I will definitely want to listen to book three. I really like how the narrator portrays each character's inflections.

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