Beauty and Beastly 

Updated: May 6, 2020

*I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Beauty and Beastly by Melaine Karsak

A tale as old as time. A tale that has been told more times than anyone would dare to count and yet we are all still fascinated with it.

This fairytale retelling is a solid mix of the Disney and Celtic versions of the story but with a few fun twists of its own. To begin with the Beast is a clockwork automaton and the Beauty is a tinker.

Hello Steampunk! I have a huge affinity to anything steampunk. I love working with metal, talking about different kinds of metal and reading about creative ways to repurpose metal.

When Isabella and her father ship wreck on their way to show off their inventions and find themselves on an island where everything, even the flowers, are made of clockwork only one of them can escape. Isabella investigates the automatons and the island they are hidden on.

Set in 1814 Regency England, the narrator's accent adds to the illusion beautifully. The characters seem to each have a rich background and history but as the story progresses there is a bit of rushing and suddenly they are in love. A little more development to the character's would've added a lot after so much world building had been done.

I plan to listen to the other Steampunk retellings by Melaine Karsak eventually when I need something light and predictable to lift my spirits.

Also if you like Steampunk-ish things Bethany's Blooms sells metal roses painted any color you request! So get the book and a metal flower to match!

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