A Very Bookmas Holiday

Dragons hoard shiny things and everyone knows a Bookwyrm is no different. The question is....what shiny thing should you give them?

The Holidays look a little different this year, many of us won't be able to be with our families and many small businesses are at risk of closing. Here I have organized a list of my favorite small bookish businesses so you can get Christmas presents (or another winter holiday) that directly support real people.

*Where possible I made the logo into the link*

**Several of these shops fit into more than one category, I placed them where my favorite things are**

Coffee and Teas

Fable Grounds Coffee sells book-themed coffee and coffee mugs. They sell mugs and candles too. Not sure which coffee is best? Try ordering a sample pack or just send over a gift card

Use code VIRGINA10 courtesy of @bookishvirgina for 10% off.

Riddle's Tea Shoppe and Curiosities looseleaf and bagged teas, mugs, and other bookish goodies.

*hint to husband goes here*

Indie Authors

Skip Amazon and order signed copies of C.E. Clayton's books straight from her Etsy! You could order The Monster of Selkirk complete series or her newly released hardcover edition of Resistor!

If you're on my blog then you have to know about Tyffany Hackett. I've done reviews of her Thanatos Trilogy and fangirled so hard over the Genesis Crystal Saga that I cosplayed a character during the covid-shutdown. Needless to say, I recommend these books for your bookwyrm!

A.J. Torres's first publication came out last month! The Call for Finis: Pride. I'm so hyped to read this one, I'm hoping to order my copy in the new year (once I've secured a second job.)

I have so many more authors to recommend like J. Mercer, Becky Moynihan, and Cecily K. Wolfe; but I'll stop there so we can get to the goodies!


Wick and Jane are not currently taking orders but keep them in mind for presents in the new year! I love all the candles I have received from them and the packaging is just so cute!

Razz Candles has a HUGE variety of stock all with a bookish theme. It is reasonably priced too! They have a book box with a matching candle coming out in 2021 called The Fable Crate.

Flick the Wick is a sister company to The Dreamy Co. Their collection is beautiful and if you ever wanted a candle with the scent of your favorite ship. They have those!

Art Prints

Get ahead of the curve with this up-and-coming artist and author Briana Burgess. I had the amazing opportunity to beta-read her debut novel and I can't wait till she gets to share it with you guys!

Book Marks, Art Prints, Pins, and Stickers. Wear it, carry it, label it. Nerdy Ink has high-quality nerd art beyond just novels.

Bookish Baubles

You deserve a bookmark as unique as your new read! Books Deserve Crowns makes custom bookmarks beyond your typical art print.

Gotta keep your book warm (or your kindle safe) then Cozy Fiction will be perfectly plush.

Pardon the puns

Ordering Tyffany Hackett's Thanatos Trilogy? Stop by her Society 6 shop to pair it with custom stickers and mugs with quotes from your new favorite read.

You'll recognize A.J. Torres as the debut author I mentioned earlier. Well, she also has a Red Bubble where you can get some bookish themed merch!


Does your bookwyrm love to flaunt their most recent read? Why not help them out by outfitting them in the nerdiest and happiest tees around?

The Bookish Box doubles as the Bookish Shop too! Why stop at just tees when you could deck out in bookish lounge pants and scarves. Throw pillows for the reading nook and plenty of stocking stuffers for pampering your bookwyrm.

For the Stationary obsessed and planner peeps

You're in love with stickers and markers? Need to get organized or maybe send a message to a friend that they should organize? Check out Passion Planner's collection of Daily and Annual planners and their sticker collections! If you use the code NADYA10 at checkout you'll save 10%.

Beautiful Stationery, Pens, notepads, and office organization. A perfect complement to a Passion Planner or to a future author!

Still can't decide?

An amazing gift for any bookwyrm is a subscription to a book box!

My husband got me a 3-month subscription to The Bookish Box for my birthday back in August. I loved all three boxes and wish I could subscribe again.

Check out these links for a few different book boxes:

Have you bought from any of these shops, or have another to add to the list? Drop a comment below with what you thought!

Join in with what's Happening by signing up for my monthly mailing list and don't forget to send in book recommendations and writing prompts.

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